Tuesday, October 28, 2014

week 55

Week 55
Hello Friends. This was really good week! Very reflective on the lessons I have been learning recently. We have been doing our best and really seeking to show our faith in finding. And guess what everyone Heavenly Father lives! We found tone of new potentials last week! We are so excited to follow up with them. My companion and I are having more fun, and really just growing in the Spirit as we push each other to be better. Exchanges this week was also great. I had another one I will never forget. 

This past week we have been trying to contact former investigators we found in our area book. And we have been really making an effort to talk to everyone, and make return appointments. So none of the former ones have been interested or at their houses. But Heavenly Father has placed so many in our path, it's amazing! He blesses us in unexpected ways. But when we show our faith, we are guaranteed that he will bless us. 

I had such a good experience this week on exchanges with a sister who was really struggling with some very personal things. Throughout the day, she began opening up to me about how depressed she has been. She had been struggling with the temptation to remember and dwell on past sins. It was really affecting her ability to help others. So i listened to her and my heart just went out to her. It's so hard to watch a younger missionary go through the same trials you have experienced. I prayed for the Spirit and shared with her from Elder Scott's talk from October last year. About personal strength we can access because of the Atonement. I shared with her about the fathers of the strippling warriors, and how we can learn from them. I felt just pure love and empathy for her. What a blessing it is to help these sisters. Heavenly Father has allowed me to be an instrument in His hands to help them. I have no idea why they open up these things to me! Or how they trust me so much to let me help them. But it really has nothing to do with us. The Spirit guides and directs us to be a benefit to others. Made me think of that scripture about being a benefit to our fellow men. When we ask for spiritual gifts, I feel it is so powerful when the motivation behind it is to bless the life of someone else.

My companion said something really funny this week I wanted to share with you all. So there is this little girl who lives in the same apartment building as the one we just moved into. She is SO cute and precious. She always wants to play with us. Anyway so Sister Bennion storms in one day and starts shouting a little, and i think she is genuinely frustrated with something. She says, "WHY are all these children everywhere!? You know, Heavenly Father is so sneaky. He plants such righteous desires in our hearts like wanting kids and then it just escalates until you think about it all the time! But the thing is, i don't feel bad about it. I really don't." It was so funny! Just classic sister missionary. 

Anyway have a good week! 
Sister Gaspar de Alba

 so here's a neat story: i taught this couple in Barra with a sister on exchanges back in august. we actually tracted into their house. then we went back and guess what? they are getting married and baptized next month! I loved teaching them, they have progressed so much. I could see how their faith had grown. Also- the other guy in the picture is the ward mission leader in Barra. He just got home from the Cauayan mission a few months ago, and said Quin was his zone leader up there! The Philippines is pretty small.  

This one's for you-Dad!

Oatmeal with mangoes-my regular breakfast.

a new place in my area my companion and I found while looking for a referral. So beautiful!

Writing Pouch! Catching up on sending letters to recent converts and mission friends. This is what happens when this is neglected for 3 months.

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