Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 53

Week 53

Well this week we had transfers! I just saw the new list of where everyone is- lots of changes! Tons of people were moved around this transfer. My new companion's name is Sister Bennion she is from Utah. She is really funny, and so excited to work together for the sisters. I am so blessed! She has so many new ideas and insights about how to help Tayabas progress. That's pretty much the big news this week!

We had a really insightful lesson with one of our investigators this past week. She has been reading the Book of Mormon and was really interested in the message of the Restoration. As we were following up with her prayers, she told us she had not prayed to ask Heavenly Father if the Book of Mormon was true. After some questions and intense listening to her and trying to discern the Spirit, we felt like she was afraid that the answer from Heavenly Father might be "yes, this is a true book and this is the true church." So we talked with her about it and she said that was right. She knew that she wouldn't be willing to act on the message so she didn't want to hold herself accountable after knowing it was true. She was choosing to be ignorant about it. It made me so sad! Conference was a few days later and I really payed attention to the talks given about moral agency and finding truth. I know that He gave us agency to choose His plan and to choose to live His commandments. I am so grateful for this gift, and the consequences that have resulted from using my agency righteously. I thought about this woman, and how sad I was that she was choosing not to learn and progress. But as missionaries, we are just here to invite. It's like the rest of us, Christ invites us to come unto Him constantly in the scriptures. We can choose to accept. I love that about the plan of salvation. It allows for SO much progression as individual agents. 

Conference was so comforting! Such a blessing. I got answers to so many questions. I especially loved how cool it was to hear other languages! My new companion is so loving and has so many insights of how we can better help the ward in their missionary work. We have some great goals to serve and get to know Bishop better, then to also serve the auxiliaries more. I feel so inadequate to be in this area, with this calling, and all of the things that I know I don't have together yet. But I have felt so much comfort and approval of Heavenly Father this week. It's hard to be obedient and righteous and sometimes be standing alone, even with other missionaries around you who have the same responsibilities as you. But it's the same covenant we have all made. And we are all trying to keep them! My testimony has been tried so much this past week in that principle. I have lots of growing and changing to do, as I have realized that the temptations to revert back to old ways comes back every now and then. But I know as we all help each other and be patient and humble in how we view ourselves and those around us, the Lord will qualify and magnify us in the things He has asked us to do.

We are also moving apartments this week during our weekend of interviews with President! It will be another crazy week. 

Sister Gaspar de Alba

an FHE with Palad Family! They remind me of big crazy Whetten get togethers.

I love these kids

the Lucena zone sisters right before transfers

I love this cool line in the scriptures

Yay! the sign on the way to our church here in Tayabas!

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