Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 54

Week 54? (although i'm not sure because my blog hasn't been updated in a few...) \

Hello friends. This was a really wonderful week. It was colder, we moved apartments, i got to see president, recovered from my cold, had many revelations, and had some really great spiritual experiences with my companion that built our unity. 

First: Moving apartments. Saturday was probably one of my top 5 best days on the mission. The morning of, we had interviews with President. Then we booked it back to Tayabas from Lucena City to get ready for the move. Sister Bennion and I were right there helping the elders move the desks and beds and everything. As we were moving, we were laughing and really just having a great time. So i thought to myself- what is it about being around GREAT friends that makes me that happy? I thought about times in the scriptures when friendships have been centered on love for Jesus Christ. That was us while we were moving- disciples of Jesus Christ working hard and staying busy and just uplifting each other. So i went hunting in the scriptures for an answer to my question. Then i stumbled upon the story of David and Jonathan in 1 Samuel. They were such good friends, that it says their "souls were knit together." And they proved valiant in doing what was right despite the persecution of King Saul. They delighted greatly in seeing each other. I really felt like that the other day. I am so grateful for the influence of good friends I have been blessed with here on the mission. It was such a tender mercy to just laugh all day! 

Second: Revelations/Companionship Unity: So. The first week in a new companionship is always interesting. Because you have to take time to get to know each other. I was super sick on Wednesday with my cold that came back, so Sister Bennion and I were ordered to stay in. And while we were in, we began packing up the house for the move. We got to talking, and I just felt impressed to open up to her with some things I have been struggling with personally. So as we talked, i opened myself up to her. And i felt her opening up more to me. We talked about the things we have been learning, the things were are struggling to learn, and the things we hope to learn. It was such a good conversation. After that, she encouraged me to pray for peace and hand over my trust to my Heavenly Father. She felt like that would help me feel less anxious. So in preparation for my prayer, I listed and thought about all of the things I can't control about the work and other current circumstances. Then I had a very sincere conversation with Heavenly Father in which I was receiving answers during the times I was listening. It was such a neat experience. After the prayer, I felt like a huge burden had been lifted off of me. I could think more clearly, and I felt peace in my heart like my work was acceptable to Him. I am so grateful for how inspired President Mangum is. Especially that he put me together with Sister Bennion. Turns out we are very similar(: And now that we know that, we have been working to help each other overcome weaknesses as we enjoy these last few months. I love her.

Third: Interviews with President: He is so inspired. He began the interview asking me about insights I had received from conference. We talked about that for a while and as I was sharing with him questions that I received answers to during conference,. he taught me some things. He thanked me for my love for Heavenly Father. He talked about how he felt from knowing me and hearing from me and the sisters that work with me that I have a great love for him. Then he taught me something very valuable. Satan twists very good intentions in very subtle ways. For example: my love for my Heavenly Father drives me to work hard and want to do everything I can. But in doing that, I often feel overwhelmed at what still needs to be done and get lost in the doing, so much so that i begin not to enjoy doing His work as much as I should. President asked me to take a few steps back and just have a really good last few months. He shared with me a personal experience about His Father that really touched me. He also prayed that As i was climbing this mountain, looking towards the peak, if Heavenly Father would please remind me to look back at where I came from and how far I had climbed. I love him. It was such a powerful spiritual experience that is helping me overcome my weaknesses. 

This was just such a perfect week. I feel so different now. One of those times where you feel that you have changed in a big way and it's having fast results. I feel so at peace and happy with just the smallest things that we are blessed with. I hope you all have a great week filled with insights like mine from last week. It has made such a difference! This is my new favorite scripture: 

33 And ye must practice virtue and holiness before me continually. Even so. Amen.

one of the senior couples came to help us move and he has a CAMERA! I was so happy.

Buying some stuff at SM( the malls here) for our apartment! The workers just follow the foreigners around asking to help and wishing we would buy more stuff. So actually, we feel that the SM's are so convenient. They have everything! You can get a haircut, go to the doctor, buy mangos and pay your water bill in the same place!

Lunch with the office Elders. They are so much fun!

at interviews with President and Sister Magnum and my new companion sister Benion
Sister Gaspar de Alba

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