Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 51.

Goodness. This day is so crazy! Hard to think sometimes. We are leaving in about 20 minutes to Marinduque for exchanges with the sisters. Yay! Back to paradise(: This past week was really great! Despite all of the challenges. We were so blessed this week with the strength to do everything we needed to. It has been super hot again this week! My feet are black- so tan. My companion had a cold all week, but is feeling better now. I am starting to get it. bummer! 

This week I had about an hour to write in my journal on Friday when we came home early. My companion looked awful and really needed rest so we called the nurse and she had us come in for the night. Before we went to our ward activity, I had some time to think and reflect. As I was writing in my Journal I realized that 1 year ago Friday was my first working day out in the field. (: Pretty special. I looked back and read about some of those experienced and thanked my Heavenly Father for helping me learn the things I did in the beginning of my mission. He knows us perfectly. 

On Saturday before exchanges I was so tired! It has been a really long week- 2 exchanges and just a crazy schedule. Also my poor companion was sick. Anyway I prayed with all I had for strength of mind to help the sister I was with. I needed to be able to discern from The Spirit what we needed to work on that day, and how to best help her. I felt this weird thing right after. It was like something was sweeping my mind clean, and my thoughts were so focused and sharp. It was the coolest thing! I knew that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, I was being strengthened. The Lord loves his missionaries, and I really know he magnifies them. 

Short email this week! We are short on time- per usual. 

Celebrating Ally's birthday half way around the world with Yema cake after  district meeting.
One of my favorite meals!
This bridge looks close but it is actually 20 feet off the ground, SCARY!

Sister Lolita and I

Happy Fiesta Tayabas!

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