Thursday, September 25, 2014

Week 50

Week 50?!

Alright- this is crazy. I am realizing how funny it is to have a brother on week 3, and me be at 50. Oh the changes, and the experiences that have happened in between! I am so grateful, and excited for him. This week was a really trying week for my companion and I. We have not been experiencing very much success with the investigators and have felt a little discouraged at times. This week was a lot of time on my knees, and in my scriptures seeking for revelation. It is so hard to find out what it is I am missing to help the work progress here in Tayabas. I think it might be patience(: I just really love that ward! Anyway- other than that storm MARIO hit the Philippines. I had a good laugh when our tricycle driver told us it's name! 

We started off the week on exchanges. I got to go with two really great sisters! Sister K. and Sister R. I was so blessed to be able to work with these sisters. One of them has been having a really hard time learning the language. She has been here for a long time but still struggles. She opened up to me about her feelings of discouragement and inadequacy. My heart just went out to her. I had a really neat experience listening to her. I felt this love for her that was not my own. And I prayed for The Spirit in helping me know that to say. I opened up to D&C 25 and went through it with her, trying to give her words of encouragement. I LOVE this calling. I am so stressed all the time, and feel so overwhelmed sometimes that my brain literally cannot organize itself. But these priceless opportunities to express Heavenly Father's love to one of His precious daughters is such a gift. It has been changing me so much- i wish i could put it into words. Moroni 8:25-26 does a much better job than me. 

Even though this week was hard and we did not experience much success- Heavenly Father answered our prayers with a great lesson on Saturday night. We had been punted literally all day and had been praying for direction. On our way home, we both had a thought to stop by this investigator we had only taught once but had not been able to contact again. We had a wonderful lesson and she accepted a baptismal goal date. She has the most real intent of I think, anyone I have ever taught. She has a pure desire to follow Jesus Christ. I am so excited to follow up with her prayers and see the miracles she will experience if she chooses the right. Earlier that day, we did weekly planning. At the close of the planning, Sister Reed pleaded with Heavenly Father for just one person who would be interested and willing to act on the message. That was her! I am learning to be grateful for every small tender mercy we get. I know Heavenly Father is preparing me for something, I have no idea what it is. But I feel from The Spirit that this trial in this area is for me to learn something in order to be more prepared for something that's coming. 

I have been studying lots of conference talks getting excited for conference in 3 weeks! The talks have been so comforting and enlightening this last week. 

Have a good week everyone! Birthday shout out to pup robalin- (my best friend since before the womb.) 

Sister Gaspar de Alba

  the district! 
  exchanges with this wonderful  new sister 
  that is 2 flans. 2. (: 
  my batchmate! earlier today at zone p day. Sister Seastrand is great. We had some good laughs remembering the MTC 

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