Sunday, September 14, 2014

Week 48 Revelation Week; like Shark Week but with more revelation

Week 48
This week was Revelation week. We had a really neat opportunity to listen to Elder Bowen speak to us. Then as leaders we got a special meeting with him afterward. The day after that we stayed in San Pablo for MLC with the other mission leaders and President Mangum. We also have been finding some great potential invstigators. Also- i saw a kid with a TEXAS LONGHORN shirt. That basically made my month. The Philippines is already celebrating Christmas everywhere all the time. 

First: The mission tour. The first questions Elder Bowen asked were, "How many of you have gotten up at 6:30 every day for the last 30 days?" and, "How many of you have had nightly planning every day for the last 30 days?" What an answer to my prayers. Sometimes I really struggle trying to help the sisters want to b obedient. It's a personal choice every missionary needs to make. He taught us that if we are not exactly obedient, it's not really obedience. It was a good wake up call for the San Pablo mission as we realized that few hands went up. He taught about miracles and that to se them we have to be obedient and exercise faith. Then he taught about the connections between the gathering of israel, the abrahamic covenant, the baptismal covnant, and the priesthood oath and covenant. (Go study it!) I loved learning about how important Abraham is for us as his seed. During the meeting I thought of lots of ways I can improve and stretch myself. 

Second: Finding. Finding is an every day adventure in Tayabas. But last week we found a Sister who lives close to the church. She is such an answer to our prayers. She is one of those investigators that has just ben waiting to hear the truth and waiting or someone to invite her to act in faith. With the help of the ward and her faith she will be a huge miracle for Tayabas. 

This week was SO good. In celebration for grammy's birthday on saturday my companion had to get glasses. It made me laugh! What small reminders that Heavenly Father loves us.

Have a good week! 
Sister Gaspar de Alba

  look who i found at the mission tour! Whenever I find Sister Pajo I am so happy! She has made such a positive impact on my life, every time I get to talk to her i am so grateful for her example.  
  Our wonderful office couple- The Hansen's. They gave me a 6-pack of Dr Pepper so i happily offered them free tortillas at the bakery in Phoenix. (They are from there and love mexican food) 
   these puppies were dropped off outside our apartment a few days ago and have pretty much moved in.   
   YES (:   

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