Sunday, September 7, 2014

Week 46 - Busy, Busy

Week 46

This week was wonderful. SO much happened! Very opposite from last week. We started off the week in marinduque on exchanges then went to district meeting on wednesday there with the zone leaders. Then we took the 3 hour boat ride back to Lucena city then finally got home! Thursday was planning, Friday we got punted all day, Saturday we had some realizations, and Sunday we saw miracles. 

First: exchanges. What a great sister i got to work with! She really wants to become a disciple of Chirst. She wants to stretch beyond just doing missionary work and really is working on overcoming her weaknesses and becoming. I am constantly impressed with new missionaries that come in and just get it. I learned so much for her. At the end of the day as we discussed her goals, she said some really sweet things. She thanked me for being a good example and for all of the things she learned from me. I had flashbacks to my first exchange and how much gratitude I had for these sisters that just loved and served with their entire soul. I try to do that- i really do. And it was such a great feeling to feel The Spirit tell me "you're doing it. You are serving them with your whole heart." I really felt that. There is no better feeling. I know there are people all around us who sometimes just need a boost. We can be used as instruments in Heavenly Father's hands if we make ourselves aware of the needs of those around us. What a blessing it is for us and the people we serve.

Second: My area. I love this ward. This whole transfer I have felt like the coordinating has not been effective with the ward or the other sisters. The work kinda came to a halt last week for all 4 of us here. And as I was praying and studying and trying to figure out why, the ward came to mind. We have totally been neglecting our ward and the needs of our members. So I am now repenting! We have goals for a ward mission plan and are focusing on supporting all of our auxiliaries. They have such great faith- we are going to help them unify it. I feel a new sense of peace and reassurance like we are really doing Heavenly Father's will here. A sister read D&C 18 in her sacrament talk yesterday and I just had this overwhelming love for my ward. The members here are inspiring. I am so grateful for their example to me. 

Last: Everyone go read 2 Nephi chapters 25-26. Some of my new favorites

I love this work and have felt so much gratitude the last few days. Life is good(: Have a good week all! Good luck to my baby bro getting into mission mode! I know you will be great. Please send prayers his way! 


Sister Gaspar de Alba
 this cool random tower that was in the middle of our walk to an appointment. 

exchanges with sister dula in marinduque! walking around all day was amazing. it is paradise there. she is a great example to me of a hard worker. she just got to the mission. it was so great to work with her and learn from her. i had a lot of flashbacks to my first exchange and how much i appreciated the love and support of my STLs.

  the meeting house in marinduque where we had district meeting. 
my first time in a meeting house.  
 the life! marinduque is breathtaking. 

 the office couple showed up yesterday during lunch and brought this wonderful little package with them. they are the BEST. (: drank one yesterday- tastes just like home.  

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