Sunday, September 7, 2014

Week 47 - Miracle week; like shark week but with more miracles

Week 47

This week was MIRACLE week. It was perfect. We spent all week working with our ward mission leader and the auxiliaries to prep for the ward council meeting. We were able to do some good finding through the members and have some really amazing lessons. Many prayers have been answered. This week we also planned for next transfer and set some really worthy goals. 

First: The miracle with Sister G. A less active we have been working with. As we were asking questions and trying to discern what she needed a kind of random one popped into my head. I felt prompted to ask her if she believed that we could prepare for and receive salvation in other religions. She said yes as long as we all have faith. This is a basic doctrine that as members of The church we know. I felt so much peace after we understood what she needed. Sometimes Members that have not been to church in a long time of reading the book of mormon forget these things. They are easily confused by the influences of other missionaries. Going house to house to get people to join your religion is really common here. (Which is why it is dificult sometimes to help others understand fully our purpose) We had a great lesson on the Doctrine of Jesus Christ and were able to help teach her from the scriptures in 2 Nephi 31 about how there is only one way back to our Heavenly Father. And that way is by receiving saving ordinances by someone holding the priesthood authority of God restored through the prophet Joseph Smith.

Second: The miracle of ward council meeting. We have been planning this with our ward mission leader and working SO hard to help him. And during the meeting The Spirit guided these members to know what goals to set to help the ward progress. I was so full of gratitude as I saw how unified they were in helping with the work of the ward. We were able to step back and support their ideas and the revelation they were receiving. It was a true testimony that Heavenly Father's way is the right way. If we do things his way, we can have his promise of his help.

Third: Just some other cool miracles. First of all, I am learning how to cook! YAY! Hopefully I can join the ranks of the Gaspar de Alba greats one day. This was something I wanted to learn on my mission and also i wanted to learn how to budget. And this month we did so good with budgeting. YAY. On my mission I have really focused and tried to be smart in spending because I know it's the Lord's money. 

Last: Just a random really funny story. Okay so here in the Philippines there are tindahans everywhere. (look it up) its like a little store in someone's porch. Anyway we were walking to an appointment and I was hungry. So I decided to buy a peanut butter sandwich at a tindahan. We walked up to one and there were 3 little kids outside. So i asked them who was home with them and they said no one, it was just them. That is pretty common here. So when that happens, the kids tend the store. I told the oldest one (probably like 7 years old) that I wanted a peanut butter sandwich. So with his super dirty little hands he grabs a roll and started throwing it around and then opened it and squished it. My eyes just got super wide and i was thinking oh no. I am not eating this. So i told him if i could make it myself and I grabbed another roll and made a little PB sandwich. Then i took out 5 pesos and handed it to him. I said how much? 5 pesos? then he looked at me with a little smirk and said' hmmm...6! I just thought: seriously! This little kid makes me a dirty peanut butter sandwich and is now trying to rip me off for it! I gave him another peso and we walked away as my companion was crying because she had been laughing so hard the whole time. I just love those moments. Living here is just hilarious all the time. 

This week I have been studying the gathering of Israel in the book of mormon and old testament and i finally understand the allegory of the olive tree! I am so happy. Thanks always for the prayers. GOOD LUCK to my little bro! Who enters the MTC this week. I am so proud! 


Sister Gaspar de Alba

 what my groceries look like every week. i am SO lucky. (plus rice)  

 these little girls are precious. Everytime we walk into their barangay they yell: SISTERS! like 20 times. i love it. 

 washing clothes! they laughed because we aren't very good at the filipino way but was a good opportunity to serve the family of our awesome Ward Mission Leader.  

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