Sunday, August 17, 2014

Week 45

Week 45
ONE YEAR! (: Nothing really happened this week until earlier today and yesterday. Last monday I had a fever of 102 when we got home from e-mailing. The worst part is it stayed until Thursday. There was some weird virus (they think) that was in the air. Anyway the symptoms were really odd. Last week was tough because we were confined to the house all day every day. But we still managed to get out Saturday and Sunday. Thank goodness the fever went away and I was able to start eating on Saturday because we were about to cancel our plans for exchanges with the Sisters on the island. But we didn't have to! Yay. So now we are here on Marinduque. It is so beautiful and so clean! The senior couple missionaries took us to the beach earlier and to lunch. 

I have done lots of thinking and some studying last week. I thought a lot about President Mangum's challenge for us to rise to our calling. I really dislike being inside as long as I wear this name tag. I was pretty frustrated last week. It was super hot and the fever was killer. I felt my attitude slipping back and my mood changed. I was not very happy with my circumstances. I kept thinking "I would feel better if i could just get over this fever, or go outside, or eat real food." I caught myself lots of times saying those sorts of things. And i thought- what is the difference in that mentality and the mentality I have worked a year to develop? And why did it come back so quickly and easily? Hitting a year has helped me re-asses where my goals are and what things I want to continually improve on. One thing is definitely going to be preparing for adversity. I was sad at the way I handled the challenge heavenly Father gave to me last week. Reading in the Book of Mormon about Nephi has given me a greater desire to focus on faith. Especially when trials and temptations come. I know it will prepare me for going home and facing trials unlike the ones I have been used to for a while. I read a scripture last week about the people of Nephi right after Lehi died. Nephi is talking about how successful their people were and how blessed they were for their obedience. He says, "And we lived after the manner of happiness." So for the next 6 months, I want to learn and study to prepare to live after the manner of happiness. So that I can be ready for anything that will come my way! 

Have a good week all! 
Sister Gaspar de Alba

  on our way to marinduque.  
   living it up on exchanges with the sisters in marinduque! (the smallest island in the mission with missionaries on it)  
  1st time I have been on the beach my whole mission! 
  one year!  

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