Thursday, August 7, 2014

Week 42 (Sorry I posted week 43 before this post)

This week was my first week as a traveling missionary! Part of our assignment is going around to the sisters in our area and working with them for 1 day. It's called an exchange. There are about 12 sisters in the mission right now that do this. It's part of the Missionary Leadership Council. We plan with them, study with them, and teach with them. It's to help carry out the assignments and goals of the mission president more effectively. As we work with the sisters, we evaluate with them and talk about how to help their area progress and help them progress personally. It's kind of intimidating! But really a wonderful experience. Lots of sisters just need a boost and to feel Heavenly Father's love and appreciation for their work. This week we went to a place about an hour and a half away to 4 sisters. I worked with 2 of them and we had a really great 3 days with them. 

Another part of our assignment is to work with the Zone Leaders in planning the training every transfer. We do the training meetings with them and teach workshops and practice teach. Last month since I didn't go to the meeting, I had no idea how to prepare! Scary. Because ususally what happens is the leaders meet with President then we meet with the other missionaries and teach what President and his assistans taught us. But it was good, my companion helped me a lot. i learned a lot about being humble in teaching. It's really frustrating feeling like the people are just talking and not really listening to the comments which really hinders the Spirit. But as I tried to listen and ask the missionaries for their imput and ideas I thought of that scripture in Doctrine& Covenants that talks about "all were edified and rejoiced together." or something like that. 

This week I have been studying charity and love in Preach My Gospel. It talks a lot about charity "possessing" someone. So i thought about that a lot. How can we let charity posses us? We know from The Book of Mormon that charity is the love of Christ. So i thought a lot about the love we feel for others (especially the sisters i serve) needing to come from Christ. Because coming from me, it won't be nearly enough to change them and to help their areas. But coming from Christ, nothing will be impossible for them do. I also have been studying a lot about pride in my Book of Mormon reading. My new favorite talk is "Beware of Pride" by President Benson. I think feelings of inadequacy are a form of pride. It's a lack of trust in Heavenly Father's purposes and lack of Faith in our Savior and his enabling power. WHOA. When I realized that it kinda hit me pretty hard. So right now I am working on humbling myself. I really know that as we work to develop these attributes of Christ, we will become perfect in Him. 

I loved this week! (: It was so happy and full of adventures. Even though I have never been so emotionally and mentally exhausted, It's been a really wonderful week serving others. Listening to the concerns and problems of the sisters is super draining! But I am glad they trust me and I have been so grateful for the help of the Holy Ghost in working with them overcome the challenges they are going through. 

Love to all! And special congratulations to aunt moni who got married last week! 


  me and my companion! Sister Reed from Washington. This is on a long bridge on our way to an investigators house. Tayabas is so beautiful!  
  we sang in english and chinese for companionship study! This sister I went on exchanges with is from Indonesia, but she worked in Hong Kong for 11 years and speaks Chinese. I seriously love living in asia! 
  I got to go on exchanges with my batchmate! SO fun. We learned a lot from each other.  
Sister Gaspar de Alb Sister Napitupulu. We had a really great day together a

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