Thursday, August 7, 2014

Week 43

Week 43? (not sure)
This was a really great week even though it was super exhausting! That's the life on the mission though.

 We had zone interviews last week with President Mangum which was really good. He asked about our families, our hobbies, then asked us what we wanted to talk about. I was a little thrown off, but it was so good! We talked about how to be a good leader. And how I can work on it. SO. I had some really amazing insights after our interview. First: We have 2 ears and one mouth. Listening should be twice as frequent as speaking. Second: I can't receive personal revelation for anyone but me. The best thing I can do to help these Sisters is direct them to their father in heaven, who knows them much better than me. Third: I need to quit being a fixer! It's not helpful for people, and not healthy emotionally. This is something that I know will bless all of my relationships. I need to find a balance between helping and supporting loved ones in trials, and trying to fix it for them. Heavenly Father has helped me see that this is definitely a weakness of mine.

This week while on exchanges, I learned a lot about trust. About how we gain trust in others, how they gain trust in us, and how important that is. A sister I went on exchanges with me had a lot going on and felt like I was the only sister that she could open up to about how the area was doing. Anyway, she thanked me for listening and appreciated so much the day we had together, It was so cool to be that for a sister here. 

We have an investigator who has been going through some rough times since the storm. They lost their farms and all of their fruits they grow for a living. Her husband has been MIA for like 3 weeks and she has no money for her kids to even eat. The 16 year old sells bread every morning and they use that money for food. Which is not even close to enough for her 5 kids. We had full confidence and faith as we read her the promise in 3 Nephi 13 about seeking first the kingdom of God. She lives about a 45 minute walk up the hill from the church. And SHE CAME! (: With her kids. I wanted to cry. What faith she has. The relief society lesson was about finding hope through trials. What a tender mercy from Heavenly Father. I am so grateful that he is aware of the needs of all of us. Especially the people here that I have grown to love. 

More crazyness to follow next week with meetings and exchanges! Have a good week all! Thanks for your prayers and love,
Sister Gaspar de Alba
  Our p-day earlier with the zone. We went to a place called "Kamay ni Jesus" It was 210 steps walking through different statues of the life of Christ. This is the zone on the climb!
  Exchangs in Barra. These Sisters work so hard! Their area is so different than anyone that I have been to on the mission so far. There was a huge group of people that live in a combine thing? They look like gypsies. Anyway they are wonderful and it was great to spend time with them
 picture! (the elders' idea) 6 months to continue in this great work here in the philippines.  

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