Sunday, August 17, 2014

Week 44

Week 44
This week was wonderful! Keep seeing growth in our area. Despite lots of trials, this area is really picking up. Of course thanks to the wonderful members in our ward. They just needed a little push and a lot of love. We went on exchanges with the sisters from the zone a few hours north. I got to go with Sister Pajo! (my trainee) This week we also had the Mission Leadership Council meeting. We have some very enthusiastic leaders was interesting. But really enlightening. A sister in our ward was also baptized yesterday! I loved teaching her, her conversion to the Book of Mormon will be a strength to lots of girls her age. I also got to speak in sacrament meeting which was a real privilege. 

Okay this week I have learned a lot about receiving strength from The Atonement. I have never been so dead tired in my life. We have the biggest area to cover, and Sisters calling us at night for help with things. We also have an area that needs SO much help. And sometimes I feel really discouraged like there is no way we can accomplish it all, and there is no way we can keep going with the schedule we have every day. But last week taught me WE CAN. Through the enabling power of The Atonement of our Savior, we receive strength beyond our own. I really believe that. So here's an assignment for all those reading: Read the experience of Nephi in 1 Ne. 7 when he gets tied up by His brothers. Apply it to your life and send me what you learned! (President gave us advice to commit our family and friends to be a bigger part of our mission and this is my idea for it). I know Christ is Our Savior. 

Last experience: We have been teaching an investigator who has had the hardest time understanding The Restoration. We had tried anything and everything we could think of. One day we prayed with literally all our hearts as we went to teach her again. We both looked at each other after the prayer and said at the same time: Doctrine of Christ. I am so grateful for the Spirit of Revelation available to all of us baptized and confirmed members of the Church. We got paper out and started drawing maps and charts and pictures. While we were teaching, she started crying as we were going over the Godhead. She cried and said to us;" Never in my life have i truly understood who God, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Ghost are. Thank you so much, Sisters." My heart was so full of gratitude. 

That's all for this week! I am feeling a little sick so I'm sorry for the lame replies and short emails. Thanks always for prayers and thoughts! 
Sister Gaspar de Alba

  i got to go on exchanges with the wonderful sister i trained. (she is literally like a little sister to me) i love her! it was such a cool thing to work with sister pajo and see how she has grown and changed because of her dedication to this work.  
  my hair is getting to light! this is what the Philippines sun does to you. 
  we woke up round 4:30 am to exercise before our big leadership meeting in san pablo on friday. this is what it looked like behind our house 
                           so fun to see some friends at MLC! Sister Burt is still amazing and so inspiring 

          the baptism of Sister Roxanne happened yesterday! She is so great, we are excited to help her prepare for a mission. 

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