Sunday, June 29, 2014

Week 38 Making Lemonade

Week 38

This was sick week...AGAIN! It's literally the worst being sick on the mission. But on the bright side- I have done tons of studying in the last week! My companion has a weird fever that won't go away and I have heat exhaustion (so they say) but we are trying to do our best and get out working. We have some good appointments lined up later and are just praying they happen! 

Last week I had a lot of time for journal writing/soul searching/pondering. All of it! It was really good to have time to process all of the things I'm learning. It was especially good to take some really decent time to pray and think of how I can help my area. I'll probably only have a few weeks left and I want to leave a really awesome area for the next sisters. As I was writing in my journal, I was thinking about how I want to apply my study habits in my education and in gospel study after the mission. My companion's job before the mission was an advisor for BYU and she taught me some really good study tips. So that is what I am working on this week! Forming better study habits that I can apply in all aspects of my learning. 

I loved having lots of time to study the scriptures this last week. I studied Doctrine and Covenants mostly. I'm learning a lot about who Christ is and how He, Heavenly Father, and the Holy Ghost all work together to help us be happy in this life and the next one. This last week has been a little tough- i miss my investigators. But I'm trying to keep a good attitude and have plenty of patience!

Have a good week!
Sister Gaspar de Alba

 these are ANTS! all over our wall. welcome to my filipino life! 

 the mission life! 

 making lemonade out of sick days! 

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