Thursday, June 19, 2014

Week 37 - marriage con with the Petersons

Week 37

This week was really awesome with my new companion! She is so great. As far as the work was a little rough. But we are excited for this upcoming week and have definitely set some really good goals. Shout out to my bro for graduating and having the opportunity to go to the temple. I am so proud(: 

Last week we had a really neat opportunity as we were teaching a less active sister. Her brother has moved in with her and he is about our age. She invited him to our lesson and we had the most amazing experience with them both. We really felt the presence of the Holy Ghost as we taught him about the restored gospel. He is SUPER shy and literally will not look at us in the eyes. But towards the end of the lesson, we could feel his sincerity in the questions he asked and the things he said. Then I turned to this sister and invited her to teach her brother what The Book of Mormon is and how important it is to her. She bore powerful testimony as she invited him to read it. After the lesson Sister Ramsey and i had an epiphany. THIS is what the prophet means as he has repeatedly invited us (members of the church) to come together with the missionaries. He has invited us to reach out to those we care about and share with them what is most precious to us- the knowledge of the restored gospel. I think this is what The Lord means when he talks about hastening his work. She was a great example to us both. I really could feel The Spirit as she testified of the book of mormon. That's how we can know if this really is Christ's church, and if there really is a Heavenly Father out there who loves us and has a plan for us. We HAVE to read the book, live it, and pray to ask if it is true.

I was so grateful for the opportunity we had to have our last zone con with president peterson! Definitely bittersweet. I love that man. He of course picked on me when he asked a tough question, made me sit inthe first row, and all the other very president peterson like things he does. They taught about the doctrine of the family as found in the proclamation. (that's why i called it marriage con instead of zone con) I loved hearing their testimonies and felt such gratitude for their service. They have really pushed me to become better. It was super funny to see all the huge rugby playing elders from new zeland and tonga cry and cry as they hugged president. But of course when I got up to hug them i did the exact same thing! He is just such a big part of who i am and for that I will always be thankful. 

Happy Father's day to all of you and especially to mine! From whom inherited lots of things i'm very proud of. (: Love you dad!

Sister Gaspar de Alba

 doing service for our recent convert. she taught me how to hand sew button holes.  

  me and the Peterson's at their last zone con!  

 my sweet new scriptures in custom leather. Don't worry- my mission logo is on the back. Classic SIster missionary life.  

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