Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 30 - My brother got his mission call!!!

Week 30

Nothing really to report this week! Except I didn't get transferred! And My brother is going to Ft. Collins, Colorado mission! Reports Sept 3rd to the Mexico MTC! I AM SO EXCITED(: 

Working with the members this week was a bit of a struggle they were all busy! Rough. But we are focusing on finding this week since that has been a weak spot of ours. And we are going to the members to find- that's the best place. 

This week we were able to meet with an investigator who has been avoiding us for about a week and a half. We went in and asked her the baptismal interview questions which is literally the most effective way to find their concern when you can't find it. So we start and then we can't find it. After we go through all the questions. And my companion just looks at me and we both just are super quiet for like a whole 2 minutes then our member is getting nervous. And my companion is looking her dead in the eyes and she says: Sister, why are you afraid to leave your religion behind if you received a witness from God himself through The Spirit that this is the only true church? Im just like WHOA. amazed. Then she totally teared up and opened up to us. She said she knows she needs to be baptized but she doesnt want to leave her religion and her whole family is catholic. She said she wasn't ready. We will keep working with her! I know she is ready to be baptized- she just needs to show her faith. Agency is a killer. Just kidding that's really a huge part of the plan of salvation. Just hard to deal with sometimes as a missionary! 

Have a good week all! 
Sister Gaspar de Alba

the district

painting a house for a sister in our ward. 

that's the most beautiful sight as a trainer- your companion just dead exhausted. thats when you know you're doing things right!

do i seriously live here? 

last night's dinner. rice and fresh tomatoes from the garden of a sister in our ward. SO good.

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