Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 27 - "Conference; like Christmas only you don't get trunky"

Week 27
This week was a lot of crazyness. Conference was SO good! It's like Christmas on the mission...but better because it doesn't make you trunky. We are continuing to have more lessons with members which makes for more excited members to share their testimonies with their nonmember friends and family.Win Win. Sister Pajo pointed out to me that I hit 8 months today! There is a little time monster hiding in my apartment. I saw President like twice this week. YES. So great. He met our completed family that is being baptized this coming Sunday on Easter Sunday. (: SO excited and happy for them. They cannot wait to be baptized. 

This week we totally had a scare. We were walking home at about 8 pm and the husband of one of our investigators staggers over to us. I could tell he was drunk and so we started walking away. Then he calls out to us: Sisters! That message you shared with me last week was so beautiful. I felt like I want to change. So we kinda looked at him surprised as he got closer to us. Then he started walking faster and yelled: But why are we fighting?! Me and my wife are always fighting since you started coming. And He totally raised his hand to hit me! What the heck. So then we just took off. Walked as fast as I could. I felt so sad for him, he was so confused. 

There is a sister in my apartment who has only been out for 4 weeks. She barely had her new missionary melt down last night.I was so impressed! Anyway- I read with her some pages in my journal to help her see how I got used to being a missionary. It was so cool looking back and thinking of all the things I overcame. I told her she could do it, but it's going to take a lot of patience with herself.

I finished The Book of Mormon this last week only focusing on The Atonement. What a great experience it has been. Especially to learn that everything we do as members of this church is to access that power of the Atonement and help others access that power too. I started reading Jesus The Christ last week. I really wanted to read it after studying The Atonement for the last few months. I feel like I am really coming to understand who my Savior is and why he did what he did while he was on the earth. I know He lives, I love him and am so grateful to Him. 
 Have a good week all!
Sister Gaspar de Alba

perks! the office elders are awesome. (still sunburned from last monday in this picture)

this watch tan gets worse and worse every day. i feel like a legitimate sister missionary. YES.

this watch tan gets worse and worse every day. i feel like a legitimate sister missionary. YES.

eating lunch all together between conference sessions! behind the stake center in san pablo is a gorgeous lake. can you see it?

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