Friday, May 9, 2014

Week 31 - Another good week

Week 31
This week was SO GOOD. As always. Every week on the mission is good, even if it's not good. Because you're still a missionary and still doing The Lord's work. But really this week was awesome. Two really great investigators of ours got baptized(: And also one of our investigators finally quit smoking for good! We have been working with him on the word of wisdom for like a month. The best part is that what helped him the most was receiving a priesthood blessing from the 1st counselor in our ward and fasting last week to help him stay strong. He has a great desire to be baptized. Goaled for the end of May! 

So last week I like casually joked that I was tiring my companion out. Okay so not a joke. She literally started crying yesterday in companionship study because of how tired she was. We have no time to breathe! Our schedule is crazy. Last monday we cut our p-day a few hours short because of the appointments we had. Anyway long story short i felt terrible. And we are going to definitely make a few changes. I feel bad kinda. But i'm also glad she knows how to work hard. That is a big struggle here in the mission. Helping new missionaries get a good start about doing their best. 

This week I am in Mosiah in my Book of Mormon reading and I literally love King Benjamin. Chapters 2-5 are my favorite. He just makes everything so clear about our role in basically deciding how happy we are in the eternities. Christ suffered for our sins and our shortcomings. Because of that sacrifice, He has set the standards of how we can obtain that forgiveness. But WE decide to meet those standards. And WE decide whether or not to live His gospel. I really know that's true. And it's true for everyone, members and non-members. We all need his gospel to receive exaltation. I think sometimes about the work we have been doing in our area and how many people we have been able to bring to the gospel with the help of our ward. But then when I walk out of my apartment I see WAY more people that need us. And that need to hear the gospel. As members that's what we should all think when we look at those around us; they are children of God with the potential to return to him. It's our responsibility and privilege to share it with them. Seriously what a privilege it has been! And what a privilege it will be for the rest of my life. 

Sister Gaspar de Alba

the magno family! 

my and my nanay! YES. reunited at last! this sister is the best. 

gorgeous san paulo lake. we had the best zone p-day today just riding around the whole thing on bikes! took about an hour. it was so beautiful.

hey look we're the same height! haha. she got a good laugh. 

totally made my companion eat tacos last week. she liked it...but she kept saying: are you sure i cant eat this with rice? 

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