Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Week 69

Week 69

So i will keep this short this week but it was a great week! As usual. We had really wonderful interviews with President, then we had a really great sunday! Went from sacrament meeting attendance of 106 average  for 2014, then 118 for the last quarter, and yesterday we hit over 130! Miracles exist. Heavenly Father really is hastening his work. Our Bishop was so happy and so was the ward council! We are continuing to work with 4 returned less actives to renew their temple recommends. Our investigator class is way huge. We have to move rooms next week! 

In my interview president asked what I wanted to talk about and I asked him a question I have been thinking a lot about lately. I asked him how I could stay focused on others and not go back to selfish tendencies I struggle with when I get home and it really is all about me. (like what am I going to study/do for work/ect...) He gave me the best answer. He explained to me that when we make decisions like that they will affect us, but they should be made for the benefit of others. For example: What can I study that according to God's will, will benefit my future family the most? It opened my mind a lot about how I am going to approach these big decisions when I get back. We also talked about how I was doing and feeling about the work. I expressed to him how grateful I felt every day. I know that being grateful has such a big effect on how happy we are. I have noticed that when I am grateful for blessings, I feel a lightness enter me that I know comes from Christ. 

I have been so impressed with Sister Viloria this week. She has changed and grown so much during our training together. This week I saw her teach with so much boldness and power. Her heart is more in the work every day. She is so great. Keeps me sane, too. 

Have a good week all! See you soon(:

Sister Gaspar de Alba

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