Sunday, November 30, 2014

Week 59

Week 59
Well this week was packed full of new adventures, for sure. First of all- I said goodbye to everyone I love in Tayabas! It's always harder than i plan for to leave an area behind, and a companion. Then we went to the mission home on Thursday and I met my new companion Sister Viloria! My 3rd companion that's visaya. I am destined to learn cebuano. Anyway- then I was totally shocked when they announced we would be going to Rosario, Lipa. That's where Sister Pajo is! Needless to say, she was so excited to see me at the bus stop. We have had a great few days. My companion is super cute, and really funny! We are just trying to contact our investigators right now in this HUGE area and finding our way around without a phone! Pretty crazy. But it's been fun and really great to meet the ward members a little bit. We had stake conference yesterday and was reminded how old I really am in the mission. I got to see some old friends which is always fun!

This week I have just been trying to find some emotional stability, honestly. I knew I would be re-opening and I had a feeling it would be like last time. But I tried to prepare myself and it's been really good so far. Every time I get anxious or begin to feel overwhelmed, I just turn out. I ask my companion about how we can help the area, or I spend more time getting to know her. It has been such a blessing to just completely focus on her and her progression and adjustment as a missionary. She is wonderful and is teaching me so much. Today in personal study I was thinking about Alma and how much he grew from all of his experiences as a missionary. How with each new challenge, he was more and more prepared to face them with greater faith. I felt like that this week. I've honestly kind of surprised myself with how calm I've been walking the streets of the biggest city in our mission without a phone and having no idea where we are. I just do the best I can, stay safe and trust the Lord. For example: We went to Lipa on saturday for stake conference and I had no idea where to go. So we hopped on a jeepney marked "lipa" and took off. Then i asked around if anyone knew where the big church was there. NO one knew! Not even the jeepney driver. Then at the last minute, right before we were about to get off and find help, I see a man dressed in a white shirt and tie. I knew he was the answer to my prayers. As soon as he got on, he asked us if we were going to the stake center. He helped us find it. Miracles! The Lord loves his missionaries!

Anyway- I love every second of this crazy situation the Lord has put me in. I've heard that the end is the hardest part. I haven't really felt like it has made a difference until I came here. It seems like random challenges and tests are coming from every angle. But in a blessing I had yesterday, I was told that Heavenly Father is proud that I have been diligent thus far in my mission and counseled to "continue in diligence and finish strong." So, Amen. I'll do it.

Have a good week everyone!
Sister Gaspar de Alba

This is an investigator who I will dearly miss! She is getting baptized next month.

Saying goodbye to Members in Tayabas! This is the Limyoco family.

Patriarch Palad and his wife, they are such a good example to me.

I love the lado family! They are returning to activity and working towards a temple date.

This is our neighbor, Sabina. Despite what the picture shows she really loves me. She would wait for us to come home sometimes- she is SO precious!

I love this family!

This crazy Elder is really funny. This was taken right after I met my new companion.

YAY! Me and Sister Viloria

I met Quin's last companion at Stake Conference! He just got home 2 weeks ago. Super fun to swap Elder Volpe stories.

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