Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Week 34 - Feeling the heat

Week 34
All the weeks are blurring together! It takes a really decent amount of effort to try and remember what happens when. Shout out to the Berk&Kara Whetten fam who hooked me up with some mexican candy that everyone here has loved. It's always wonderful to get packages from the family! I got one from mom, too. But the best part of every package is letters and pictures from all the crazy kids and cousins! and my parents, too. I feel like myself again in all the bright colored tees she sent me. This week we got over 20 referrals. YES. that is some awesome member work. We had lots of new investigators last week and about 6 of them are really prepared people to hear the gospel. Miracles(: This week was SO hot. I was dizzy for like 4 days straight. This filipino heat is killer. But it's started rainy season so i'm pretty excited. 

We tried a lot of new things last week. We started doing shorter, more frequent visits with our investigators. It's really helped us to find those people who are ready to accept the gospel. We had a really great lesson with a family who was referred to us by their member neighbors. It's so cool to recognize Heavenly Father's hand in our lives and to notice His had in the lives of others. He is so patient with us. 

Last week was a little rough emotionally. The mission is hard in that way, I feel like my emotional spectrum is even wider. Yeah, it's possible. BUT. My companion is amazing and helps encourage a lot. Even though I have been out on the mission for a while now, I still miss home every now and then. And that's okay as missionaries. That's not going to go away. But what I've learned this week is how important it is to just be where He wants us to be. And decide to always be happy about it. I love being here in the Philippines on a mission, sometimes I just forget how much I love it. The best thing I have found to do when I feel like I am stuck in self-pity is to just get outside and work. To pray and make the decision in my head that I am going to stop thinking about myself. Then muster up the courage and strength to do it. And The Lord really helps us as we do that. He gives us the strength we are lacking. 

Life lessons on the mish- priceless!
Love to all!

Sister Gaspar de Alba

 a super yummy dinner at the house of one of our members. 

 this is mayce! she enters the MTC in about 2 weeks. we are so excited for her 

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