Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Week 32 - Road Trip!!!!

Week 32
Whoa. This week was HUGE. Lots of big things happened last week: I went to manila, we went on exchanges, and I got to talk to my family! The hard part was that we did not get to a whole lot of appointments and i totally missed my investigators. But we were able to see them thursday and saturday. 

First: MANILA. okay so we had to go do some immigration papers because there was a problem with some of our visas. So it was me and a few sisters in my batch. We were able to go to the temple which was wonderful. I was SO happy that we could go inside. It was so peaceful and wow. I just have really missed it. It really is the House of The Lord. Going inside, there's no denying the sacredness of it. I was having some weird deja vu of being in the provo temple when I was at the mtc. I felt like time has flown. I re-committed myself to really give my all to this mission and to Heavenly Father's work. These next 9 months are going to be amazing, I can feel it. 

It was so fun going on exchanges with my trainer and being able to see each other's progress and just have a really great day together. We basically went tracting all day which was so good. We found some new investigators  for their area. It's so neat to look back on who you used to be and how you used to act and then be able to look at the now. Even cooler is looking and thinking about the future and what God has in store for all of us. Whatever it is it's for our good. I really believe that's true. Even if we can't see it in the moment sometimes. 

Not much time this week! Have a good one all

Sister Gaspar de Alba

the manila mtc! with my batch(: sister martinez and sister williams

we got to go visit the manila temple!

fancy dinner and a hot shower. YES.

hey dad please flip this one! the two mexicans at a mexican memorial in the philippines

we are excited we are in the same zone again!

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