Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 7 - unexpected changes

Oh. my. gulay.
This week took a turn for the INSANE! last night at 5 my companion got a call from president saying she would be emergency transferred in the morning, and that he had a special assignment for both of us. She has a new companion who is really struggling. I got a new companion as well! My assignment was to take on a companion from the Tacloban mission. 15 of them got transferred to our mission. She is so great and has such a good attitude. She has been through so much, and lost a lot of her stuff. This is so crazy! And i am kinda freaking out about the short notice! But it's life...and i love this girl already(: Other than's been a really normal week. Just work and work! We are not able to have p day nest week until friday because of the area presidency conference. I am so excited for that! A new waltermart opened like across the street from our neighborhood and it has everything we could possibly need. and a MANG INASAL! pumped. but really.

I went on exchanges this week with Sister Asuncion, and oh my gosh i learned so much! i love her. Apparently like none of our investigators had actually received a personal witness to know that the Book of Mormon is true. Thats basically essential for conversion. So we resolved concerns all day. It's been something on my mind for a while but I was pretty hesitant to talk about it with my companion because we disagreed a little about what we should do for them. But we definitely resolved that(: I was so happy. I just felt like my mind opened up a little more, and my investigators felt so much love from me.

My tagalog is improving, i feel like i made a big jump this week! YES. also my new comp is a philippina so she its about to take an even bigger jumnp. her english is really good, too. AND she makes adobo. holla to that.

After exchanges, i made TONS of goals for this transfer and for my mission. I felt kinda overwhelmed with how much i need t get better. But all is well and i am working on them.

I love this gospel so much. Honestly, i am just so blessed to be here and help people feel the love their Savior has for them.

Love you all!
sister gaspar de alba

my usual breakfast: oatmeal, an egg, and pandesal

lunch with some of the ward members. they brought it to the church for us- they are the best! our last supper with sister waldrom :(

could our relationship be described any better? probably not. 
#teamawkforlife she cracks me up on the daily. 

me and my new companion! sister galabo...shes great! from cagayan de oro, visayas. she is super sweet, has been out for 4 months and will finish training me

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