Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 8 - Dealing with change

This has probably been the weirdest week yet! Monday was INSANE! with traveling all the way home from san pablo and all. Then tuesday we got punted literally all day. I think we taught 2 sad. Wednesday we also got punted all day, and taught 1 lesson. Thursday my companion got super super sick. And she was sick friday and saturday. Poor thing. I think the stress got to her body and it all just hit her. We stayed in most of those 3 days because she was extremely exhausted. I had lots of study time and planning. And self-assessing. Pretty sure too much self-assessing is really bad for your self-esteem. Last week was hard, I realized just how much working. I love working, I hate being inside. But this week will be better! We have tons of appointments and back ups.

I really had a hard time deciding how to handle last week. I decided it would be best just to let my companion have some time. We talked a lot and I heard ll about what she's been through. Understandably, she did not feel up to much. She is already doing better, though. Thank you for your prayers for the Tacloban missionaries and members. I cannot imagine how hard it is for my companion to just go straight back to work after all that. I love her and respect her so much for her example.

I finished the Book of Mormon this week- I LOVE it. Really I do. I feel so much love for my Savior as I read his teachings. My desire has grown so much to help other people receive guidance and peace from it. I've been focusing a lot on the Book of Mormon in my teaching. That's basically all we've been teaching the last few weeks. So many more of my investigators have progressed because of our focusing on it. Once someone receives that personal witness that it's true, the rest falls into place. It is so inspired. I know it's true!


Sister Gaspar de Alba

this is what my desk looks like on the daily...around dinner time.

cabuyao 1st ward!

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