Sunday, November 10, 2013

Week 6 - what typhoon?

good news everyone- I survived my first transfer! relatively unscathed. to everyone who heard about the storm: we are all okay here! It wasn't very serious in my area at all. Just some high winds and lots of heavy rain. We did not work Thursday night or Friday. Thank you for all your prayers and concern!

 Monday was zone p-day so we didn't get to go out either. This week was suffering on the work ends of things and i definitely felt the difference. The storm allowed us to have so really awesome extra study time! That was really good, I got a start on a few projects I'm working on. Sister Asuncion also taught me and my companion how to make adobo- SO good..and really easy. I also saw a mouse crawling on my bed last night, that was really fun. not! There are lizards in my room and now mice. I literally live in the jungle. Good thing we have a brave sister training leader who lives with us that doesn't mind getting the mice.

I love this place. The huge gray clouds are definitely my favorite. Everyone is already playing Christmas music and putting up lights. We have a little banner but we are getting a Christmas tree this week! A little Charlie Brown one but that's all we need.

I HAD MY FIRST BAPTISM!!! And it was a completed family! Such a neat experience to help them become active again. They had been inactive for like 10 year, but brother used to be in a bishopric. We got to see him baptize his 2 kids yesterday. It really reminded me of one of the main reasons I'm here. I'm here to help people feel the joy that I feel in knowing I can be with my family forever. I'm here to help them take those first steps in that process.

Love you all!
-Sister Gaspar de Alba

my district for the first transfer. (plus the zone leaders) we win for most awkward

the T family- a completed family! YES. We baptized their last two kids and have been so blessed to be part of their re-activation processti

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