Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Week 67

Week 67
Yesterday we had the baptism of the Pantaleon Family. They were so happy and excited to make these sacred covenants. They were about an hour and a half early! The miracle of that was that Cellany's parents agreed at the last minute. We talked to them the night before and invited Cellany to share her testimony with them. As she did, the heart of her father was softened and he said he could see how going to church was helping her not hurting her as he initially thought it would. Prayer is an amazing thing! 

Sister Viloria is doing great. We gave our first workshop together and she took the lead. She was so nervous when the Assistants showed up. But, I reassured her it was okay to involve them because they are elders just like all of the other ones. Just a little more mature! 

This week was a little more challenging than the last few. But it was a good opportunity to show a little more faith. On Tuesday, I was feeling really frustrated because of a headache I have had that has not seemed to go away. It has come and gone the past few weeks but Tuesday it was pretty bad. Anyway, then something happened in the house and I lost my patience and I reacted poorly out of frustration and anger. I felt awful and disappointed in myself and got really down about it. Then a question popped into my mind that I know came from Satan: Have you really changed enough in the last 17 months? And I began to think really negatively. Then as I prayed and asked for guidance and comfort, I felt prompted to just open up to my companion with how I had been feeling. I told her about how I am scared and feel like my faith and hope has been faltering a little bit. And how I felt so attacked with temptations to think negatively. Then a scripture came to mind from Alma about praying always that we will be able to conquer temptation. So I prayed again, this time with increased faith, and I felt like this huge burden was lifted off of my shoulders. I know the power of the Atonement is real, and that Christ will lessen the burdens placed upon us. I am still struggling with negative thoughts, but I know that in His strength, I can overcome this. As I have put forth more of an effort to be positive, I can see it is affecting the work, my companion, and my housemates in a good way. But despite the challenges that I feel like are being thrown at me harder and faster than ever, I am super happy. We are just having the best time in Rosario enjoying every day. (: 

My super adorable companion

Yay! (: I am so happy for them. They are so great!

Everyone that came out to the baptism

We got to have a little reunion last night at the stake center for the broadcast across the philippines.
Have a good week all! Love, Sister Gaspar de Alba

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