Sunday, December 21, 2014

Week 62

Week 62
This was another killer week in Rosario. Our investigators are doing awesome and progressing towards baptism. We got a late start with the storm and were sad to not be able to reach some of our goals. But we are re-committing to OYM's this week. And also, we are basically out of pamasahe so we walk everywhere. Travel is expensive here. It is getting cold(er) here! Last night everyone was in sweaters at the Christmas Devotional at the stake center. It was fun to see old friends and chat but even better was to really feel the Spirit of Christ as we heard the talks and the music. It finally feels like Christmas. 

This week we had a tough lesson with an investigator who is preparing for baptism in August of next year. His repentance process is a little longer due to some past things that have happened in his life. His wife and daughter are very active members. Anyway we have been teaching him for 3 weeks now and I want to cry every time I think about Him. He has hardened his heart because of how long he feels he needs to wait to be baptized. The last lesson, Alma 41:9 kept running through my mind. I felt like that, like I was just pleading tear-eyed for him to accept Christ, let him in, to let the power of the Atonement work in his life and to feel hope and peace. It's really sad sometimes as a missionary to be repeatedly disappointed when the people you love won't make the right choice. But I haven't lost hope. ANYONE can change. And everyone should. I want to help this man and his family so much! I pray for him a lot and for guidance with what we can do. 

This past week I finished the book of Matthew and have noticed how humble Christ is when He teaches but bold at the same time. I realized that His boldness came from a place of humility, because he was on his father's errand he completely trusted and relied on Him. How incredible that even the Savior of the world humbled himself to the Father. It made me want to humble myself in more ways that I know I have been avoiding. These are the very depths of my natural man- so it will be hard. But through Christ, I know I can change. 

 I feel like the 12 weeks training was made for re-opening! Every week it's perfect for what our goals are. Sister Viloria is doing well. We are very open with each other in finding ways we can improve and how we want to change. I love her, she is such a great blessing in my life. She is so happy all of the time and just a lifter. It has helped me feel less stressed about things. 

Have a good week!

District Mtg

These two were so happy to get Christmas presents from my parents. The BEST parts of getting packages are giving your companion american candy and watching the faces she makes!

after service at a member's house

Yay Merry Christmas!

Best Christmas Present Ever- a letter from my little brother.
Sister Gaspar de Alba

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