Sunday, March 30, 2014

Week 26 - meeting goals and cleaning the church

Week 26
SO good. Every week is so good these days. We started off with a really great zone con and then were able to teach like 75% of our lessons this week with members present which was awesome. Because of that, our investigators took huge steps in their conversion process. The other sisters had a baptism Saturday. Three of our investigators came and really felt The Spirit witness to them that they needed to be baptized. It got SUPER hot this week! 

On saturday we had the opportunity to clean our church building. We didn't tell any of the members and when we showed up to the baptism I was expecting everyone to notice but literally NO one noticed. I was a little sad. It is not cleaned very often at all, especially the way we cleaned it. So then as I was walking home from the baptism feeling frustrated that none of the members cared if the church was clean or dirty, i totally had an epiphany. I remembered something President said in his talk at zone conference about the sacrament. How we should never take it for granted again, especially after he chastised us all when he taught us the significance of the sacrament. I realized that the reason the members didn't notice was because it wasn't important to them. And I realized that about the sacrament for myself. The reason I had been taking it for granted was because it wasn't important enough for me. After the baptism on Saturday bishop asked the 4 of us to speak. So we had family prayer like we do every night with our ward mission leader and the ward missionaries to think of what our members needed to hear from us. We felt like we needed to teach Lesson 3- The Gospel of Jesus Christ. It went SO well. I was so grateful for the opportunity to prepare myself spiritually to teach my favorite topic- the laws of justice&mercy. 

So here's a joke- the zone leaders asked me to be in charge of our zone t-shirt because they heard i was artistic. I hope all of you laughed at that! Then I really started to miss pup. Where is she when I need her?! 

This week was so great, we found some new investigators we are really excited to teach! 3 of them are the mom and sisters of a member who is about to leave on a mission. We got to teach their family yesterday about faith. He bore such a powerful testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel as he shared with his family his desire for them to be sealed in the temple. They are not yet members and it's been really hard on him. I was so grateful fore his strength and his faith. What an example to someone like me who comes from a family full of active members of the church. How grateful I am for my family!

Have a great week all!

Sister Gaspar de Alba

me and sister seastrand at zone con!

sister williams who is now in my zone. YES

this is probably my favorite elder of all time. He's the best! 

got to see some old friends from cabuyao!

this is like the filipino equivalent of a sonic slush. they have them everywhere now because it's so hot here! called a halo-halo. so good!

we deep cleaned the church on saturday. it took SO long! But it was so worth it.

we all spoke at church yesterday! ps- i totally found this shirt at an ukay-ukay here for 20 pesos.

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