Thursday, March 27, 2014

Week 25 - Visionary people (not just whettens)

Week 25
This week we got punted a lot the first few days....rough. But we had some really great members willingly work with us which made a world of a difference for a few of our investigators. Transfers were last week so we have a whole lot of new missionaries in our zone. We saw them all at lunch on wednesday AND I'm super excited because Sister Williams is in my zone. She was so excited to see me, in fact, that she spilled a drink on me at McDonald's. Embarrassing. On Tuesday the office elders called us and let us know that we will be singing at zone con. WHAT. I said, Elder- you know there are people in this mission who can sing, right? that is not me! But of course I told them I would. So me and Sister Pajo, Sister Hopkins, and Sister Taufa are singing tomorrow for 100+ missionaries. I hope it's decent! This week the weather was SO weird. Got so hot on tuesday and wednesday and less on thursday. Then friday until today it's been freezing and raining. I totally got heat exhaustion on tuesday. (i think) That's what Sister Peterson told me. It was really interesting...i've never felt dizzy for 3 straight days. Thank goodness it is back to cold and rainy. 

Just one story for this week: 
 One of our investigators who has been progressing super quickly was stuck last week. So we prayed a whole lot and really thought about what to share with her. What kept coming to my ,ind was to ask her if she has received a definite answer that The Book of Mormon was true. Which i thought was weird because she is almost to 2nd Nephi in 3 weeks! And she cries talking about The Book of Mormon. But we brought it up anyway and she told us she hadn't asked because she feels it's true. We explained to her that's really good, but that she needs a definite answer so she can understand that this is Christ's church. We had such a great lessons with her, The Spirit really helped her understand Moroni's promise. One of our members also shared her experience knowing The Book of Mormon was true. She felt it's truth in a dream. I am super uneasy when people tell me they have visions and dreams here because they have them ALL the time. Filipinos always talk about visions they have of Mary and I just am pretty skeptical about it. But anyway- the lesson was good. Then we came back and asked this sister if she had received an answer. She told us of this dream she had where she was told in her dream that she needed to be baptized and go to church. That everything we were teaching her was true and she needed to show her faith through baptism. SO happy for her. I learned through this all that I need to have a little more trust in our Heavenly Father and remember that He answers our prayers in different ways. He really knows His children and he knows how to talk to them in the way that they need. 

Have a great week all! 
love, Sister Gaspar de Alba

this is me and my monkey friend. he's kind of mean when we don't have food for him.

excuse the YSA behavior...i live with a tongan sister! Lived with tongan sisters for like 5 months now. i LOVE islanders. 

a family in our ward we had FHE with last night. 

dang cute

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