Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week 21

Week 21

We took all of 1 picture this week which I just realized. Bummer. Next week I will do better! This week I got some super masarap pouch from a few hours north and from Honduras. My two favorite missionaries! Shout out to Elder Volpe and Sister Despain for the letters! It got cold again this week but apparently summer is just around the corner. Goodnight...it's about to get super hot here!

This week was SO good and SO hard at the same time. There's the mission summed up into one sentence. We had some really neat experiences with some referrals we have gotten from members. One sister who is 20, has been taught by 4 sets of missionaries now and has had the longest conversion process! But in the last few weeks her faith has grown so much. We are so excited for her baptism in march! Yesterday we stopped by to see her and she asked if she could come with us to share the gospel that has made her so happy. We went with her to teach a lesson to a family who was recently baptized. It was THE coolest thing. They talked a lot and really helped her with some concerns she was feeling about baptism.

We are trying to get an activity together for our recent converts to go to San Pablo's family history center and research some family names for a temple trip. In training the other day me and my anak read about how baptisms for the dead is something that should happen as soon as possible after someone is baptized. So they can experience going to the temple. It kinda hit us that was something that had not been taken care of with the recent converts here, so we decided to try and plan going to the FH center. Our ward mission leader is the best so hopefully it all works out!

This transfer I have been reading The Book of Mormon just focusing on The Atonement and highlighting wherever that applies. I quickly figured out that the whole Book of Mormon is about The Atonement. We are here on earth experiencing all this happiness and sorrow and really hard things to learn how to apply the sacrifice of our Savior every day in our lives. Especially the enabling power we draw from Him to become more like Him. Whoa. I kinda had one of those moments like: Umm...am I the last person on earth to realize this? NOPE. There are people all around us that turn to all the wrong places to deal with the challenges we have in this life. As members of the true church we need to direct them back to where we all came from: The presence of our Savior. I loved my studies this week because I just had like this glorious epiphany reminding me of why I came here! It was literally the best thing ever.

Have a good week all!
Sister Gaspar de Alba

Me and my anak!

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