Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week 16 - The real week 16

Week 16. Okay now really is week 16.

I"M TRAINING! I am seriously so excited! Especially since I might train my companion from the MTC! She finally comes this transfer. I doubt I will...but that would just be awesome. Anyway not much to report on this week. Just cold weather and lots of referrals which means new investigators. YES. I am happy(: Me and my companion are enjoying our last few weeks together since she is probably going back to Tacloban. My companion has had a fever on and off since last Wednesday. We will probably get that checked out soon...maybe. Missionaries have this thing where they refuse to acknowledge when they are ill.

This week we had the Are broadcast with the Area President, Elder Nielsen. They told us all about the area goals for 2014. So of course all us missionaries are super excited and all worked up about new goals. classic. But really- we have SUCH a wonderful ward and stake here. The members are so strong. They often sacrifice so much time and money and effort to be at the church all the time for so many activities! And to work with us. They are inspiring. Especially since the church has only been here for 50 years.

Shout out to The Crane's for awesome letters that made my week! THANK YOU! so much(:

Sister Gaspar de Alba

goodbyes last week to my favorite missionary on earth. Sister Meti! She emailed me this week and is safe back in India now. :(

goodbyes to this one too! She got transferred.

this is right outside our house!

this is me every morning this week. i'm literally filipino. no fan during the night, and i slept in 2 shirts and a sweater AND pants. And i walked around all day yesterday in a sweater. I think it's been around 70 degrees

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