Sunday, January 5, 2014

Week 14 - Happy New Year

GREAT week this week. First of all- shout out to the Slade's for writing me. I got your letter on a day I really needed it! Thanks, seriously. We celebrated the new year and I made some really necessary changes for myself. We got to teach more as people are all coming back from their provinces. This wee me and my companion took more time to walk, stop and talk to people, and really just enjoy the beauty of our area.

One of our investigators we just started teaching 2 weeks ago is seriously the best. She is one of those people that has truly been prepared for a long time by The Lord to become a member of the church. It's amazing to work with her fiancee's extended family who had mostly all previously been less-active. We are seeing so much success and happiness in their lives because of the active mother who has really taken action to help her family come back to the gospel. I am definitely seeing the miracles that come from members and missionaries working together! I really feel Heavenly Father working through us, all of us together.

We had a pretty interesting lesson this week with a Less Active member that kinda challenged my ability to listen to The Spirit. This wonderful sister has really turned away completely from the gospel, and it has been really sad to see the process. As we have asked her about her experiences and found out what kinda spured this, my companion and I felt really prompted to plead with her to read the Book of Mormon again and pray about it. She had not ever really studied it, even though she was an active member for many years. I have realized over and over again on my mission that being converted to the Book of Mormon and the doctrine of Jesus Christ is what will keep us grounded. We cannot expect to be blessed by Heavenly Father if we don't do the  things he asks of us. Tough Lesson for a stubborn 19 year old like me! But I am so grateful to be learning it and to have that wake up call of how important the Book of Mormon is.

This week I kinda had a hard time staying happy throughout the day. Missions are kinda weird like that, they bring out the best and worst in you! Whatever you choose to let come out. I kept reading my patriarchal blessing looking for something that I felt like I needed to understand from it. I was seriously so frustrated! Because I knew there was something I was over looking. I have to have read it like 20 times this week. Anyway, after ending our fast yesterday I read it again. I really prayed with everything I have to be able to find what I was missing. I found it(: The council I needed really stuck out to me. I am so grateful for the power of prayer and personal revelation. Heavenly Father knows and loves us all so much.

Have a great week everyone!

Happy 2014!

classic sis missionary outfit. we are here once a week since i love writing

just your local vaca

YES. one of the families in our ward has this AWESOME hat. i hope everyone gets the reference. 

me chattin it up with a goat. the people around us laughed pretty hard at an american girl speaking tagalog to a goat.

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