Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 16 - post holiday doldrums

Week 16... yata?

Literally I am loosing track of time. The days feel like hours. This week was good! Still struggling to find people to teach but we are visiting like 10 member's homes this week and hoping to really help them bring their friends into their homes to hear the gospel from us. This week was cold! And cloudy and rainy. I LOVED it. I got a really awesome package this week! Shout out to the Herrera's for making my month. My companion loved the fruit roll-ups! The other sisters in our ward had a baptism on Friday that was so good. We got most of the members to wear Sunday's Best and we really had their support in coming on time. It made such a difference in the Spirit that we felt, and how smoothly it all ran. Hopefully it will be a new tradition! Sister A got transferred...sad! She was one of the Sisters I live with. But Sister T came yesterday and she is hilarious! We are having some really great meetings with our auxiliaries this week. I am way excited! Our bishop and Relief Society President came with us yesterday afternoon to our less-active focus families. It was so great, the families were really happy to feel supported that much from the ward. This week I learned a lot about trusting Heavenly Father. Basically the theme of my mission so far, because I’m kinda stubborn! But I really just felt His assurance in a lot of the changes that we have been making here in my area, and just in my missionary work in general. I know He knows us better than we know ourselves. Because He can see the part of us we haven’t reached yet, all the good qualities that we need to work for. I am starting to understand that more. (: And i am so grateful as always to be here helping those I teach learn that too.
Sister Gaspar de Alba

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