Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week 6 - Leaving the MTC

Well this week was insane! Just a day in the life, I guess. We were getting ready to leave and getting organized. Of course I made like 20 to-do lists and schedules so I could get everything done in time. Then my kasama broke her thumb on Wednesday night playing volleyball. So we were running around all day thursday and friday finding out is she would be able to leave with us on monday. Turns out she can't. She is being sent home to have surgery on her thumb. Then she has to wait at least 10 weeks to go out to the Philippines. It's been a rough couple of days for her and rough for all of us figuring out how to act and what to say. But she is great and has such a positive attitude. She's such an example to me! This week's blog entry is mostly going to be pictures because they are so much better than words! I can't believe I'm almost out of here! This week has been really emotionally crazy. We've been writing in each other's journals and saying goodbyes. But we are all so excited to get out there! Everyone is super nervous, thank goodness most of us fly out together. Thank you for your love and prayers! I'll be in Manila by Tuesday night and Tokyo by Monday night! Wish me luck!

Sister Gaspar de Alba

Goodbyes to our teachers. Of course Br. Mauzy is closing his eyes! He's pretty much the most awkward person I have ever encountered, but he is so funny!

me and some of the sisters from Kiribati. We've gotten pretty close! They are all converts and have been such a strength to me

Classic. P-day breakfast

me and sis S downing some microwavable rice prepping ourselves for the peenes. 

ran into Luke like a hundred times last week before he left! we took a classic awk elder pose pic. and elder burbidge is expertly creeping in the background.

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