Saturday, September 14, 2013

Week 5 MTC

We fly to Tokyo, Japan!!! I will be in the land of the Japoneses (I hope that's not a racial slur) for 12 hours! I also get to fly over the pacific for sunset...pretty exciting. I leave Monday morning at 8 am on a plane to LA, fly to Tokyo, then to Manila. I will be in Manila by Tuesday night. All the Sisters and Elders in my zone (except my favorite Elder.bummer.) and the other zone going to the Philippines are flying on the same plane. I'm so glad. I think there's like 20 of us. Everyone's way excited!
these two are the best. elder salisbury and sister burt. this was right after we got our flight plans! we were super stoked

Kasama selfie week 5

This week was so insane, it went by way too fast. Ww already started having people sign our transfer journals. Well...only me. Everyone made fun of me for having people sign two weeks early, but we'll see who's laughing when everyone's crazy stressed next week! A few of the Elders in my district wrote in my journal. Two of them thanked me for being a good friend and giving them advice. They said I was like a big sister to them. Super tender. 

Elder Burbidge, Elder Salisbury,my kasama and I had to ditch out on a lot of class time and language study time this week. They are the Zone Leaders, and we are the new Sister Training Leaders! We got called last sunday. We work together and kinda watch over our 65ish missionaries. Pretty crazy. We got 18 new sister last week! But it's a great calling. I get to know so many more people, and help the Sisters not feel so homesick! Our Zone Leaders are AWESOME. It's kinda rare they pick them from the same district. But since my district is pretty much the best, they okayed it. My fav Elder is Salisbury so it's been pretty fun scaring the newbies with how crazy we are. But we were just really out going and those Elders have a great sense of humor so the newbies are already warming up to us. It's awesome. Our ZLs before didn't do that. But we tried it, and they liked us. So i guess it worked! 

here are elder burbidge, elder salisbury, me and my kasama las sunday after we got called as zone leaders and sister training leaders! it's kind of a lot of work and meetings, and a lot of missionaries. but they are the best and we are having such a blast with them. setting traditions and getting to know the new kids! elder salisbury is my fav he's super cool. we are always the first to have scheduled friday night class meltdowns. 
I got over my cold by Monday so I was super super happy! Sister Seastrand is still sick. But she refused to take airborne and nap on Sunday. We have like 6 Sisters from Kiribati in our Zone. It's a group of islands by the Marshall Islands. Anyway, they don't shower every day. They got lice and kinda spread it around their room...sick. My comp was super funny. She's a germaphobe. But no one else got it! That was good news.That little scare was a peek into my very near future, though. I will apparently have companions from Pakistan, India, Australia and all over! I'm so so excited! But also kinda scared. I'll probs just become pretty amazonian by the time I get back. 
I. LOVE. THIS. GIRL. She is seriously my soul mate. It's crazy how similar we are. she is who i want to be when i'm 20. she is studying art history, and she works at a museum in DC. She lives in Maryland when she's not at BYU. Her dream job is to be a photo curator at the library of congress. best. job. ever. 
ran into my boy Luke! and you can't be in pics with an elder and sister here if one of us and our kasamas! I was so excited to see him! i spent the summer with him and dex. we had so much faun all together. he just got reassigned to salt lake for a few weeks until his visa goes through for France. 

 I ran into a few friends this week! Elder Gerken left. My sisters got to know him pretty well since we ran into each other all the time. We were all a little sad, but excited for him to be in Mexico City. I ran into Luke!!! Or Elder Bailey i guess. (Dex's cousin) I spent a lot of time with him this summer. He is super funny. I've sen him like four times already! I also ran into Kaelin Ruth from back home! So fun to see someone from my graduating class in the MTC. Love it. I only got to talk to him for a minute. But he leaves for Canada on Monday and I'm so happy for him. ran into my boy luke! and you cant be in pics with an elder and sister heres one of us and our kasamas! i was so excited to see him! i spent the summer with him and dex. we had so much fun all together. he just got re assigned to salt lake for a few weeks until his visa goes through for france

Thank you for all your love and prayers. Thanks for the letters, packages and dearelders! Thanks to pup and aunt jen for all the goods! and mom and dad of course. love you all,
seester gaspar de alba

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