Sunday, September 8, 2013

Week 4 photos

Me and my favorite girls at the temple last Sunday; all the girls in my district.
They have done so much for me.
(right to left: sister martinez, sister williams, sister burt, sister seastrand, sister beaumont-my kasama)

this is my family! and this is how we feel about being in that tiny room for 10 hours a day. this was taken at like 8 pm on wednesday. the melt downs are starting to happen earlier and earlier in the week. especially since we are learning hard core tagalog. That is Elder Salisbury- he is the best. We've been lucky to have such great Elders. 

I see Tyler every Tuesday. So last Tuesday, we saw each other outside and he went looking for Dex before Devotional. After devotional, I walked straight into Dex on his way out! So we found Tyler so they could say goodbye. Even though I didn't really know Tyler super well before the MTC, we saw each other so often and talked a lot while we have been here. This was the night before Dex was leaving for Nebraska. The three of us were so excited! We wished him luck and said goodbyes. I saw Tyler yesterday at lunch and he leaves Monday! I'm so happy for them both(:  

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