Sunday, October 6, 2013

Week 2 in the San Pablo Philippines

Hello hello everyone! This week was pretty great. I'm still adjusting and I still wake up kinda shell-shocked but it's getting tons better. I've prayed a lot this week and i've felt the prayers of so many loved ones! THANK YOU! i needed them this week and they really became a strength to me. This week I committed 3 people to baptism, and we had 2 other investigators tell us incredible experiences they had with coming to know the church is true. I am so so grateful I'm here! I've had a lot of time to think and kinda regroup this week. And I've gotten some great advice from everyone. I really am blessed to be here with these people. Philippinos are really funny! They are probably the friendliest people ever. Anyone we talk to agrees to let us share a message with them and people are just so happy here and smiling all the time. Plus it helps that my companion and me are American. We definitely get some creeps but for the most part, people want to talk to us. Literally everywhere we go people say hi to us and wave and gawk at us. Its like we're strolling down a dang red carpet or something! So funny. Probably doesn’t help that my companion is literally the prettiest! People take sneaky pics of us all the time...awkward. But anyway, I love the people. And the ward we are is is so amazing. A lot of the members do so much for us. We get fed a lot and they come out with us to most of our lessons. There are like 5 single women in our ward who are RMs and they come with us on the daily. They are so great! And their conversion stories have been so inspiring to me.
They are already playing Christmas music here! CRAZY! But it's cool...they play a lot of Buble. kinda funny. My companion has introduced me to her snacking ways in the peenes. We love ChocoMuchos and going to little bakeries to buy breads for one peso! There are little bakeries and tindahans everywhere! Everyone runs them out of the front of their house. I made fresh veggies this week. I feel so much better! That food in the MTC is seriously super gross. I eat fruit every morning and rice like every night. They eat a lot of roasted chicken here, not so bad. I did laundry by hand! Only took about an hour, i was impressed. The transportation system here is seriously the best! There are jeepneys going both directions of the main road that everyone uses. You just hop on the one that says the place our going to. You pay 20 cents and if you have to go into a little town called a Barangay, you get on a tricycle and drive out for like 16 cents! Look up pics, the trikes are super funny looking. For exercise, I literally runs laps around my tiny house for 20 minutes! I couldn’t sleep well last week, so I started doing better with exercising and drinking tea. They've really helped me sleep.
We have had a lot of fun this week! My companion and I have had all the big convos that really bring you together! And we laugh a lot and smile a lot. I feel a lot better this week! As i've kinda adjusted and accepted how things are here, I've been able to forget myself more. This work is amazing and I am so blessed to be a part of it. I know Heavenly Father answers prayers and he does that because he loves us. I know the book of mormon can give you guidance for any problem you have. It's done that for me several times this week.
seester gaspar de alba
ps- the philippinos english totally sounds like mexican english. it's kinda the same accent. so i can totally understand their english! i'm going to come back and sound like nacho libre!

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