Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 3

There were complaints from some family members (mom) that i don't write enough in my weekly email. We don't have time! We have an hour and lots of people to email. So stressful! Anyway, I will get all the details out eventually. This week was good, the days are starting to go by at a decent pace now. For some reason I forgot my name tag like 4 times this week! SO embarrassing. And a pain for my companion. This was definitely a week of firsts. I had my first soda in a bag, first typhoon, first massively huge spider in our house, saw my first entire cleaned out pig hanging in a eat shop. It was also a really busy week! With conference, and exchanges. We went on exchanges with the sister training leaders. Who actually live with us, so it was cool. We ask them questions all the time! They are such pros. I learned so much about using time more effectively. We also had zone dinner last night which was pretty cool...they fed us a huge 36 inch pizza! And fried chicken and rice. They eat so much fried chicken here, its crazy. CONFERENCE WAS SO GOOD. seriously. conference is like Christmas on the mission. We were so excited and loved it and it ended way too fast! But really...I learned something from every talk. And there were so many things that I can use to help my investigators with. I loved, loved Elder Holland's talk, and Elder Scott's talk about the Atonement. Also, pretty awesome singing called to serve with everyone! I had one of those really cheesy cry moments. But it's just so exciting to be a missionary right now. This week was so great with this one family we are working with. The parents are working towards getting back to the temple, and getting ready for their 2 last kids to be baptized in November. I love teaching about eternal families. And I am so happy for this family! I just finished Alma yesterday and realized i started 2nd Nephi in the MTC. I love how much study time we have. The Book of Mormon has become so precious to me as I’ve really studies it with the desire to learn. I know it's true, and the teachings in it are of Christ. If you let them. The scriptures can become a huge source of comfort and peace in times of trial.
Love you all!
Sister Gaspar de Alba

Riding in a Jeepney, going out with a member

Me and my trainer!

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