Saturday, August 24, 2013

Week 2!

Hi all! THANK YOU for all the love i got this week! I felt like I got tons of emails and dear elders! I LOVE them! don't forget to put your return address on dear elder, so i can write you back in a letter. email time is super limited. 

This week was a million times better, just like everyone said it would be. I could understand more in class, my kasama and i have 2 investigators, and i guess i've gotten used to the weird food. 
My companion (kasama) after a discussion

Tagalog is coming along. We are learning verbs and can form sentence structures. Oo is yes in tagalog, kinda sounds like uh-oh. So i have gotten super used to saying it. and it's super confusing for everyone not in my zone. haha it's pretty funny! But that's how much it's drilled into your head! 

The investigator lessons are coming along great. It's still really frustrating to try and communicate when you can only understand half of what they are saying to you. But the Spirit is there, and it's such a neat thing to get a preview of what it will actually be like in the Philippines. Speaking of...apperently there are like 10 small islands in my mission, so small that you can walk to and from them through shallow water. Anyway, they send sisters there! To the boonies! I'm kinda nervous but the sisters in my district are getting way pumped. 

District on P -day (preparation day)

My district is the bomb. We are like family, we pray every morning and night together! Make fun of each other all the time, know all about our lives and just get pretty insane. I think we all have ADD so we spend most of our time trying to stay focused. My district leader is pretty big on blessings, so we've had a few people get blessings this week. And it's so amazing to see all six of those worthy 18 year old boys with the Priesthood. Brings a little tear to my eye every time! 

This is my district outside of the Provo Temple
Hope all is well with everyone and i hope my pictures came through!
mahal ko kayo
sister gaspar de alba

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